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February 8, 2013

Long Praises Passage of People's Trust Act

MONTGOMERY-  Rep Wes Long (R- Guntersville) praised the passage of two items from the Alabama House Republican’s “We Dare Defend Our Rights” agenda that passed through the House of Representatives on Thursday. The passage of the People’s Trust Act (HB94) and the Informed Voter Act (HB95) come as victories for House Republicans, who had promised the pay back of the Alabama Trust Fund as the first priority in the 2013 Regular Session. 

As promised, the pay back measure was the first bill passed by the House.  The People’s Trust Act, which passed by a vote of 80-19, establishes a repayment plan of the $437 million dollars borrowed from the Alabama Trust Fund, while the The Informed Voter Act, which passed by a vote of 99-1, creates a panel five citizens, five attorneys, and five lawmakers to draft ballot language clearly explaining the consequences of approving or disapproving an amendment. 

Rep Long stated that the passage of the bills signifies that the Republican majority is committed to accountability. 

“Passing these bills on Thursday will ease the minds of the Alabamians who showed trust in the legislature by voting for the transfer last September,” Rep Long said.  “We listened to the people of this state, and unlike past legislators, we’re keeping our promises.”

Both bills now move on to the Senate for final passage.


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