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December 19, 2013

New Photo Voter ID Law

In 2011, the Alabama Legislature passed a law requiring voters to present a photo ID when voting.  Acceptable ID’s must be issued by a government, tribe, college or university.

Anyone who has a valid Driver’s License or other government issued ID with a photo is not affected by the new rules.  Those who do not have a drivers license or other acceptable photo ID will be able to apply for a voter identification card at county boards of registrars or at the State Secretary of State’s office.  Voters who are registering to vote at Boards of Registrars will also be able to apply for an ID card at the same time, if they lack a government-issued photo ID.

Additionally, voters will be able to obtain FREE non-driver identification cards at offices where they would normally get drivers licenses.

Applicants must provide documentation showing (1) date of birth, (2) voter registration status, and (3) name and address as reflected in the voting record.

The Secretary of State’s office plans to make extraordinary efforts to get ID’s to people who need them.  Early in 2014, they will begin sending vans across the state to reach people who may not have proper ID’s.

The Department of Senior Services will also be issuing photo ID’s at its 367 senior centers around the state starting on December 1st.

Once a person has a photo voter identification card it will not expire as long as the individual lives at the same address.

For further information or questions you may contact the Secretary of State’s office at (334)242-7559

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