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January 17, 2014

Week 1 - 2014 Legislative Session

Week 1:

The House passed business-friendly tax bills that were part of the “Commonsense Conservative Agenda” of the Republican Caucus, including one that would give nearly 4,000 small businesses in the state tax relief. Businesses that collect more than $1,000 in sales tax per month are required to estimate and make those payments ahead of time. The bill raises the threshold to $2,500, meaning small business collecting less than that per month can pay after they’ve already collected it.

Other bills would:

—Create a commission to hear taxpayers’ appeals instead of an administrative law judge who works under the state Department of Revenue.

—Give the Department of Revenue the ability to suspend taxes that cost more to collect than they bring in.

—Allow more small businesses to pay their sales taxes after collecting the money from the sale, instead of having to make up-front payments that estimate how much they owe. The Senate passed an identical bill today.

—Passed HB108, sponsored by Rep. Greg Wren, R-Montgomery, that would allow businesses to file personal property tax online and create a short, non-itemized form for businesses with assets worth $10,000 or less.

The Senate passed six bills with little or no opposition. Among those were bills that would:

—Propose a constitutional amendment to ban unfunded mandates for local school systems, with some exceptions.

—Amend the Open Meetings Act to allow members of public boards to participate in meetings remotely through telephone conference of video conference under certain circumstances.

For More Information Visit This Website: House Approves Taxpayer Bill of Rights

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