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October 15, 2014

STAR ID Requirements pushed back to 2016

A new form of identification will be needed in the future if people want to take a domestic flight without carrying a passport.

“Secure, Trusted and Reliable,” STAR ID will be available at driver’s license exam offices with the proper documents. That includes documents such as a certified birth certificate or passport that will verify a person’s identity and date of birth. Also, a Social Security card or a W-2 income tax form that verifies a person’s Social Security number, and a document such as a utility bill, mortgage contract or rental agreement that verifies the person’s address.

Inititally, all current Alabama Driver Licenses and ID cards would have been accepted for official federal purposes until December 1, 2014. However, that deadline has been extended to 2016.  Instead of waiting for longer waits as people rush to comply at the end, citizens are encouraged to go ahead and get it now.

For More Information Visit This Website: What you need to know about getting the new STAR I.D.

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