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February 14, 2014

Week 5- 2014 Legislative Update

House of Representatives:

• Passed HB 254, which would prevent anyone younger than 17 from using a tanning bed unless they were 15 or 16 and had written parental consent.

• Passed HB 269, which would raise the threshold required for competitive bids for certain state agencies from $7,000 to $15,000.

• Passed HB 59, which would allow electronic voter registration lists to be made available to election officials in other states upon request.

• Passed HB 6, which would prevent the licensing of doctors to be conditional upon participation in certain health care plans.

• Passed HB 74, which would allow Faulkner University to hire police officers for its campus.

• Passed HB 155, which specifies that the Public Service Commission would not have jurisdiction over customer complaints related to retail telecommunications not regulated by the commission.

• Passed HB 384, which creates an income tax credit for businesses and individuals who donate scholarship money to the Career-Technical Dual Enrollment program.

• Passed HB 345, which would create a workforce development council.

• Passed HB 220, which would make Athens State University a four-year university for the purposes of tuition and distance learning.

>Passed a bill saying a child who withdraws from a public school to attend an accredited online school will not be counted as a dropout. Goes to Senate.

>Approved a bill raising the fines for violations of pipeline safety standards. Goes to Senate.

>Passed a bill making it a crime to repair a car using fraudulent air bags. Goes to Senate.

>Passed a bill allowing the governor to declare a state of emergency for specific counties rather than declaring one statewide. Goes to Senate.


• Sunset bills, all sponsored by Sen. Paul Bussman, R-Cullman: Passed SB 129, continuing Board of Home Medical Equipment Service Providers; SB 139, continuing the Construction Recruitment Institute through 2018; SB 140, continuing the Alabama Surface Mining Commission through 2018; passed SB 130, continuing the Manufactured Housing Commission through 2017; passed SB 128, continuing the Radiation Control Agency and removing it from sunset review; approved SB 131, extending the Sickle Cell Oversight and Regulatory Commission through 2018; passed SB 132, extending the Alabama Athletic Commission through 2015.

• Passed SB 168, banning smoking in most public places.

• Passed SB 240, banning the use of drones to harass hunters or fishers.

• Passed SB 179, which would exempt barbers with 10 years of experience before Aug.  1,2013, from regulation by the state Board of Cosmetology and Barbering.

• Passed SB 51, which would raise the threshold where low-income Alabamians have to file an income tax return if they don’t owe any taxes.

>Approved a bill saying public schools can teach students the history of traditional winter observances, including Christmas and Hanukkah. Goes to House.

>Passed a bill saying the licensing of a physician, optometrist, chiropractor or dentist can’t be tied to the health care professional participating in any health insurance program. Goes to House.

>Passed a bill to expand the types of synthetic drugs considered illegal in Alabama. Goes to House.

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