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March 7, 2014

Week 8 - Legislative Update

House of Representatives

• Passed HB 489, which would change the abortion waiting period from 24 to 48 hours after the
patient visits with a physician.

• Passed HB 490, which would ban abortion when the fetal heartbeat is detected.

• Passed HB 493, which would require hospice information be given to women seeking an abortion based on lethal anomaly.

• Passed HB 494, which would change the process for minors who seek abortions without parental consent and require more documentation for minors who seek abortions with parental consent.

• Passed HB 98 which designates the queen honey bee as the official state insect of Alabama

• Passed HB 138, which would allow HIV clinics to re-dispense drugs not used by patients.

• Passed SB 56, which would prohibit re-corked wine bottles or resealed alcohol bottles from being considered open when in motor vehicles.


• Passed HB 385, establishing a state income tax credit for contributions to support students in dual enrollment programs.

• Passed SB 267, providing retirees with a one-time bonus.

• Passed HB 74, authorizing Faulkner University to appoint police officers.

• Passed SB 235, extending deadline for registration before an election to 14 days.

• Passed SB 359, requiring court-ordered attorney fees and related expenses to be deposited into the Attorney General’s Litigation Support Fund.

• Passed SB 4, which would require funds set up to distribute proceeds from class action lawsuits to develop plans to send leftover funds to the Department of Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention.

• Passed SB 334, related to the tobacco settlement.

• Passed SB 291, shortening the time for termination of lease for noncompliance with a rental agreement and extending the time a landlord has to refund deposits.”

• Passed SB 262, exempting personal property worth less than $250 from ad valorem taxes.

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