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March 21, 2014

Week 9 - Legislative Update

General Fund:  The Senate on Thursday approved a $1.8 billion budget that includes a one-time, $400 bonus for state employees, level-funding for insurance and additional money for security enhancements and improvements in the Department of Corrections. The budget passed the Senate 30 to 2. The House, which approved the General Fund on Feb. 26, will have to decide whether to concur or non-concur in the Senate version when lawmakers return from a week-long break April 1.

Education Budget:  Early on Thursday, the 2015 education budget for Alabama looked ready to sail out of the Legislature and on to Gov. Robert Bentley. By Thursday, the 2015 education budget had run aground over questions of funding for teacher insurance. The bill will go to conference committee.

• Carly’s Law: passed.  $1 million medical study on marijuana-derivative funded at UAB.  (see full story below)

• Common Core: A bill to repeal Common Core standards in Alabama schools is, in all likelihood, dead for the 2014 legislative session. A bill sponsored by Sen. Scott Beason would put a moratorium on the national educational benchmarks, but the bill failed to make it to the Alabama Senate floor before the deadline.

• Alabama Accountability Act:  The Alabama Accountability Act was amended, making several changes to the scholarship program set up under the AAA.

• Guns in cars:  A bill that brought the Senate to a halt a week ago, allowing loaded handguns in cars without a concealed carry permit passed out of the upper house Wednesday night and now goes to the Alabama House.

• The Senate delayed consideration of a bill to merge the Alabama Forestry Commission and the state Department of Agriculture and Industries.

• Passed a bill to prohibit birth parents from trying to contact an adopted child without the adoptive parent’s’ approval until the child turns 19. Goes to House.

• The House passed HB 317 which would allow for the expungement of a criminal record if the charges were dropped.

• Passed SB 151, sponsored by Sen. Tom Whatley, R-Auburn, which would criminalize bestiality.

• Passed SB 398 allowing prosecutors to gain access to certain juvenile court records concerning children.

• Passed SB 367 granting limited powers to county commissions in the state

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