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March 20, 2014

Carly's Law

The Alabama Legislature has passed a bill called Carly’s Law (SB 174) which Gov. Robert Bentley said he plans to sign. The bill was unanimously approved and will fund research at UAB over the effectiveness of a marijuana extract that could help children who suffer from seizures.

Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, is derived from a marijuana plant and has been proven to successfully treat severe seizures. The oil contains less than 3 percent THC and is non-psychoactive.

The legislation is named Carly’s Law, after 3-year-old Carly Chandler who suffers from epilepsy as a result of a rare genetic disorder. Now, UAB will be able to prescribe the oil to patients like Carly to treat epilepsy. The House of Representatives amended the law to allow doctors at Children’s of Alabama, which is affiliated with UAB, to use CBD oil if they work with the UAB Department of Neurology.

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Allen Farley says Carly’s Law brought out a compassionate side of the legislature. 

“When it comes down crunch time, on the real important issues, we saw last night that we can put down our mantles. We can put down the Ds and Rs. We can put down the conservatives and the liberals. And we can be moms and dads and grandmas and granddads,” he said.

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