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September 2, 2015

No New Taxes

Earlier today, Gov. Robert Bentley issued the call for a second special session on budget-related matters that is scheduled to begin on September 8, and I feel it is important to remind the residents of House District 27 exactly where I stand. I will not support any tax increases on the citizens of Alabama because Montgomery has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Raising taxes when our state is still recovering from a recession will also hurt families and businesses and stop Alabama’s economic growth. We must continue looking for ways to to streamline government, implement efficiencies, and enact commonsense conservative reforms that fix our broken budgeting process. Unearmarking existing taxes rather than raising new ones will force state government to set priorities, address its most pressing issues, and responsibly live within its means just like our families are expected to do. Integrity is sometimes a scarce commodity in Montgomery, so I wanted to reassure you that the “no new taxes” commitment I made during the campaign continues to serve as my compass and resonates deeply with me.

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