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September 4, 2015

Second Special Session Begins Sept. 8th

Governor Robert Bentley has released details of his call for a second Special Session of the legislature.  The Alabama Constitution requires a balanced budget to be passed before the new fiscal year begins October 1st.  Several of these proposals have previously proven unpopular with both lawmakers and the public.

The legislature passed a budget earlier this year that relied solely on reforms and cuts, but it was vetoed by the governor.  An ill-timed first Special Session in early August resulted in the House and Senate failing to come to an agreement

The governor’s call for the upcoming session includes three budget reform measures and four revenue increasing measures:


1.  Transfer use tax revenue from the Education Trust Fund to the General Fund
2.  Un-earmark certain state taxes
3.  Amend the Education Trust Fund Rolling Reserve Act


1.  Amend the Business Privilege Tax
2.  Increase the Cigarette Tax
3.  Amend the individual income tax deduction (remove the deduction for FICA contributions)
4.  Any other revenue measures that provides revenue for the General Fund

For More Information Visit This Website: Details of tax proposals

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