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February 17, 2016

Unborn Infants Dignity of Life Legislation

The Alabama House has approved the Unborn Infants Dignity of Life Act, which is sponsored by State Rep. April Weaver (R – Alabaster).  Weaver’s bill was included in the House Republican Caucus’s 2016 “Right for Alabama” legislative agenda that was announced prior to the session’s start.

  “Many Alabamians were sickened by recently revealed videos that showed representatives of Planned Parenthood cavalierly discussing the sale of body parts from unborn children as if they were some kind of commodity to be traded on the open market,” Weaver said.  “This legislation would make it a crime for any organization or person to sell the remains of an unborn infant in Alabama, and it would prevent Planned Parenthood and similar groups from committing such atrocities within our state.”

Under the provisions of House Bill 45:

·      Any organization or person would be prohibited from selling, transferring, or accepting the bodily remains of a deceased unborn infant for any compensation or payment other than the reasonable costs of a dignified burial.

·      For the purposes of the statute, an “unborn infant” is defined as life that beings at conception. 

·      The family of a deceased unborn infant would be allowed to request the remains be sent to a funeral home or similar facility for burial or cremation.

The measure now goes to the State Senate for consideration.

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