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February 18, 2016

Right To Work

Montgomery – During the second week that bills could be brought to the chamber floor for consideration in the 2016 regular legislative session, the Alabama House on Wednesday (Feb 17th), approved a constitutional amendment sponsored by State Rep. Arnold Mooney (R – Birmingham) that would reaffirm Alabama as a “right to work” state and help spur investment and job creation among potential industrial prospects.

Mooney’s amendment was included in the House Republican Caucus’s 2016 “Right for Alabama” legislative agenda that was announced prior to the session’s start.

“After experiencing recent successes in unionizing businesses like Golden Dragon in Wilcox County and Volkswagen in Tennessee, labor unions have stepped up their efforts to organize workers in Alabama,” Mooney said.  “While state law already designates Alabama as a right to work state, a constitutional amendment would reaffirm and cement that fact, which would reassure new industries looking to locate here and support our already existing industries that are under attack from labor union forces.”

Under the provisions of Mooney’s amendment, labor organizations or companies would be prevented from forcing or coercing employees to join or not join union groups.

It would declare that a persons’ right to work may not be denied or restricted because they refuse to join a labor union or decide to participate in one.

Employers would not be allowed to require employees to pay dues or fees of any kind to labor unions, and unions would be prohibited from being allowed to have or maintain a monopoly in any enterprise.

If passed by the Senate, the amendment would go on the referendum ballot for ratification by voters in the November 2016 general election.

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