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April 7, 2016

Legislature Overides Governor's Veto of Budget

In spite of Governor Robert Bentley’s veto, the legislature voted to override by a vote of 22-11 in the Senate and 71-24 in the House.  The Budget would essentially provide most state agencies the same amount of funding as this year, including Medicaid. 

Medicaid had asked for $100 million more than this year.  According to Budget Chairman, Senator Tripp Pittman, Medicaid uses more than one-third of the General Fund and it is not possible to meet Medicaid’s requests for additional money without deep cuts to other critical needs such as courts, prisons, and programs for children, low-income families and the mentally ill.

Governor Bentley says they will look at ways to cut costs and live within the new budget before he considers calling a special session over the state budget.  See link to article below for some of the proposed cuts.

For More Information Visit This Website: General Fund Budget - Yellowhammer

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