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April 21, 2016

Constitutional Amendment to Protect State Parks Will Got to Voters

The Alabama Legislature has passed a proposed constitutional amendment by Senator Clay Scofield and Rep. Kerry Rich which would prohibit the legislature from taking funds in the future which are collected by state parks and spending it on other programs.  This would include lodging, entrance fees, merchandise sales, golf course fees and other sources that are used to operate and maintain the parks.  The bill includes a provision that effectively caps the annual amount of guest revenues going into the state park funds at $50 million.  If guest revenues were to top $50 million, then cigarette tax revenues that benefit state parks would revert to the state’s General Fund .

Scofield said the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources can plan, operate and maintain the parks more effectively if they know they can count on their funding sources from year to year.  In a statement, Scofield said, “...the House of Representatives passed SB260, my bill that will protect funding for our state parks. A big thank you to Kerry Rich who sponsored the companion bill in the House and worked hard for its final passage. Our entire delegation and our colleagues in the Senate and the House should be commended for listening to their constituents and how important our state parks are to them. I’m also proud of the people of the State of Alabama who called or sent letters and emails and letting their legislators know how important their parks are to them.” 

Following the vote in the House, Rep. Rich added, “[We] just gained final passage in the Alabama House of a Constitutional Amendment which protects funding for our State Parks. This is a major achievement for our Parks. This will be submitted to the voters for final approval in the November General Election. Thanks to everyone who assisted in this effort.”

Scofield insisted, “The people of the state want this.  This is extremely important to them.”  The Amendment will be on the ballot for voters in November.


For More Information Visit This Website: Bill to Protect State Parks,

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