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August 30, 2016

Lottery Bill Dies in Special Session

After an extended summer battle, the lottery bill originally proposed by Gov. Robert Bentley has died in the legislature, wrapping up nearly 12 days of back and forth exchange between the House and Senate.  The Senate voted down the bill previously approved by the House 24-7, ending the possibility of a state-sponsored lottery coming to Alabama in the immediate future.

The lottery proposal, if approved by voters, would have instituted a state-sponsored lottery sending almost 90 percent of net lottery revenue to the state General Fund, with the first $100 million of that going to Medicaid.  Ten percent of the net revenue would have gone to education.  One percent was earmarked for volunteer fire departments

Rep. Will Ainsworth said, “The amendment that was presented to the House was so fatally flawed and lacking in detail that I could not, in good conscience, allow it to be enacted.”

Senator Clay Scofield also voted not to concur with the House Bill.  Rep. David Standridge, Rep. Randall Shedd and Rep. Ed Henry all voted against the bill.

Rep. Kerry Rich, who voted for the Lottery, said “I can make a great case for it and a great case against it, but ultimately, the people should vote on having a lottery.”


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