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October 7, 2016

Constitutional Amendments

Below are short, abbreviated summaries of the 14 Constitutional Amendments that will appear on the General Election ballot.  They are not intended to influence your vote, but rather to clarify what the passage of each amendment would do.  The full ballot language can be found through the .pdf file at the bottom of this page.  And, if you choose to research the Act associated with each amendment you can access that through the clickable link to the Secretary of State’s Website below.

A YES vote would add two more at-large members to the Auburn University Board of Trustees and establish a procedure to make sure that no more than 3 members’ terms will expire in the same year.

A YES vote would prevent any monies in the State Parks Fund from being transferred to the State’s General Fund or used for any purposed other than the state parks system, up to $50 million annually.

A YES vote would make any local constitutional amendment affecting only one city or county a valid part of the Alabama Constitution.

A YES vote would give County Commissions limited authority to establish or deal with programs related to the administration of the county’s affairs, but would not include any authority to raise taxes or impose fees.

A YES vote would update and modernize the language in Article III of the Alabama Constitution relating to separation of powers without making any substantive changes.

A YES vote would repeal and replace Article VII which deals with Impeachments.  It would make it more difficult to impeach by requiring a two-thirds super majority in the state senate.  A NO vote will leave the Alabama Constitution unchanged.

(Pertains to Etowah County only)  A YES vote would place certain employees of the Etowah County Sheriff’s Office under the authority of the Personnel Board of the Office of the Sheriff of Etowah County.

A YES vote reaffirms that no person may be denied work because of membership or nonmembership in a labor union.

(Pertains to Pickens County only)  A YES vote would allow a person who is not more than 75 years of age to be elected or appointed as Probate Judge of Pickens County.

(Pertains to Calhoun County only)  A YES vote would require than any territory in the county would be subject only to the police jurisdiction and planning jurisdiction of a city located in Pickens County.

A YES vote would allow cities and counties to utilize tax increment district revenues within designated Major 21st Century Manufacturing Zones to incentivize the improvement or establishment of manufacturing facilities within such zones.

(Pertains to Baldwin County only)  A YES vote would allow the Legislature, by legislative act, to authorize any city in Baldwin County to incorporate a toll road and bridge authority as a public corporation for the construction and operation of toll roads and bridges in that city including the issuance of revenue bonds to finance the project.

A YES vote removes the age ceiling for all public officials, excluding judges.

A YES vote will validate nearly 700 local laws that have been passed since 1984 and that affect all 67 counties. Validating these laws creates no new taxes.  It will only confirm the application of any budget isolation resolution relating to a local law adopted before Nov. 8, 2016.

(Click here for full ballot language)

For More Information Visit This Website: Find the complete text of legislative acts placing Constitutional Amendments on the ballot here:

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