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February 25, 2017

Legislative Session Update, Week 3


HB186 by Rich which provides for a religious exemption to the photo identification requirement for voters - passed out of committee.

Canadian diplomat addressed a joint session of the legislature on economic development issues this week. 

A public hearing was held on updates to the charter school law and a public hearing was set for the prison construction bill.

SB31 was reported out of committee on a 13-1-1 vote.  This bill would exempt prescription drug sales from being included in gross receipts for business license tax purposes.

HB70 passed the House and goes to the Senate.  The bill would lower the legal age in Alabama from 21 to 18 except for the purchase of alcohol and tobacco.

HB89 School Safety Bill - requires school systems to develop and implement electronic notification systems

HB3 passed the House - Hunting and fishing licenses for nonresidents enrolled in college or university, authorized to purchase resident licenses except for lifetime licenses.

HB184 - bill was carried over.  Would allow the baiting of whitetail deer and swine during specified season.

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