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March 11, 2017

Legislative Session Update, Week 5


Alabama is the only state that allows a judge to override a jury’s sentence recommendation in capital murder cases.  Lawmakers moved a step closer to passing legislation that would prohibit judges from imposing a death sentence when a jury has recommended life in prison.  The House Judiciary Committee approved a bill by Sen. Dick Brewbaker that has already cleared the Senate.

HB376 by Rep. Will Ainsworth was assigned to the House Transportation, Utilities & Infrastructure Committee.  It would remove existing exclusions from regulation for certain privately-owned water systems that discharge directly to surface waters of the state.

State ABC Stores -  The Senate Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Development Committee favorably reported out SB260 by Sen. Arthur Orr.  If it becomes law, Alabama’s 170 ABC stores would be phased out over a period of five years beginning in 2018.

SB267 would require county school superintendents who are currently elected to be appointed in the future.  There is a similar bill, HB350, in the House Education Policy Committee.

The Alabama Senate passes a bill to preserve historic monuments.



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