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April 21, 2017

Legislative Session Update, Week 9

A number of bills were brought up this week that had generated much discussion since the session began.

*SB24 by Senator Gerald Allen of Tuscaloosa allows Alabamians to carry a gun on them, concealed without having to get a “pistol permit.”  Proponents have argued that citizens should not have to pay to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.  People can still apply for a permit in order to carry a gun in states that have reciprocity laws with Alabama.  The bill passed the Senate on a 26-8 vote and now goes to the House of Representatives.

*HB284 by Rep. Jim Patterson mandates coverage for certain therapy for children with autism. 45 other states require that medical insurance companies have coverage for autistic children.  After amendments providing for limits, the bill passed the House 100-0 with bi-partisan support and goes to the Senate.

*Day care bill passes the House.  HB 277 (Child Care Safety Act)  by Rep. Pebblin Warren, adds protections for children in unlicensed child care facilities.  Church sponsored day cares are exempt for licensing.  Initially, the bill would have required all child care facilities to be licensed, but a substitute bill removed the licensing requirement unless a child care facility receives state or federal funds, and calls for annual inspections of all child care facilities and compliance with health and safety requirements and annual reports.

*The gasoline tax died in the House.

*The Senate voted to ban physician assisted suicide.

*Abolishing marriage license comes one step closer.  Having already passed the Senate, a bill that would substitute a marriage certificate instead of a license cleared the House Judiciary Committee.

*Alabama Students will be required to pass a civics test prior to graduating high school.  The Bill was signed by Governor Kay Ivey.


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