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April 14, 2017

Legislative Session Update, Week 8

After state ethics charges were referred against him, facing increasing pressure from the Republican Party and with imminent impeachment proceedings moving forward, Governor Robert Bentley agreed to a deal on April 10th with the Alabama Attorney General’s office.  That deal forced him to resign his office, plead guilty to two misdemeanors and agree never to hold public office again.  He will repay the state for any misused funds and perform community service.  Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey immediately assumed the office of governor.

Bills dealing with right-to-life, physician assisted suicide, an adoption rights bill, autism services and other social and medical issues consumed a majority of the week in both chambers.

The Alabama Senate passed legislation that would allow a church to form its own police force.

Scofield passes common-sense broadband investment legislation (SB253).
(Click link below to .pdf for complete Press Release.)


For More Information Visit This Website: Governor Robert Bentley Resigns,

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