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April 28, 2017

Legislative Session Update, Week 10


Lawmakers have begun re-drawing legislative districts that federal courts have ruled were racially unfair.  The Reapportionment Committee has presented a new map that they say corrects the problems found by the courts and complies with other U.S. Supreme Court decisions.  State lawmakers need to redraw some legislative districts before next year’s election.  The proposed plans will affect 25 of 35 Senate districts and 66 of 105 House Districts. The House black caucus is not satisfied with the proposal.

The House has approved a bill that would prevent cities from removing historic monuments, including those commemorating the Confederacy.  The bill passed 72 to 29 after nearly 3 hours of debate, but was amended on the floor and now must go back to the Senate, which had approved the bill in March.  Sen. Gerald Allen, the bill sponsor, said the intent of the bill is to preserve and protect history for the future generation of our state.

The Capitol was packed with law enforcement officers and gun rights advocates for a public hearing on a bill to end the requirement for pistol permits in Alabama. 

Senate passes a bill blocking raises for the Birmingham City Council.  The bill sets the salaries of Birmingham City Council members at the median household income for the city and would take effect with the council terms that begin after the August city elections this year.

House Committees pushed through bills that would reform the sex education curriculum in public schools, allow traditional Christmas celebrations in schools and set up regulation of Uber and similar companies

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