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May 5, 2017

Legislative Session Update, Week 11


The Alabama House unanimously approved the largest education budget since 2008.  The House substituted, amended and passed the $6.4 billion Senate Education Budget that would give a $12 million increase to K-12, a $13.5 million increase to Pre-K, an additional $7.4 million for retirement funding, provide funds for additional teachers and level fund 4-year colleges and universities and PEEHIP.  Because of the changes, the bill now has to return to the Senate for concurrence on the House amendments.

The Senate made changes and passed the $1.846 billion House General Fund Budget for fiscal year 2018 which would level fund most state agencies, allocate $701 million to Medicaid and reduce funding for the Governor’s office.


A bill was signed by Governor Kay Ivey that would prohibit the state from taking adverse action against an adoption agency that declines to place a child in situations that conflicts with its religious beliefs.  Known as the “Child Placing Agency Inclusion Act” by Rep. Wingo.

Assisted Suicide Ban Act (HB969) enacted.  Prohibits a person or health care provider from providing aid in dying to another person.

SB366 by Sen. Phil Williams passed the Senate that would authorize the legislature to issue subpoenas during impeachment proceedings and to provide for the enforcement and penalties for failure to comply.

The House passed HB552 that lowers the percentage of signatures needed on a petition to gain ballot access as an independent candidate in certain special elections.

HB440 passed the House and goes to the Senate.  It would require religious or faith-based boarding schools or facilities that house children to be registered and inspected by the Department of Human Resources and to perform criminal background checks on employees and applicants.

The Senate Judiciary Committee held a public hearing on a House bill that would allow a certified midwife to practice midwifery in the State of Alabama.

The Senate F&T General Fund Committee held a public hearing was held on HBS284 which would require health insurance plans to offer coverage for the treatment of Autism.

Common Core repeal -  SB415 was introduced by Senator Harri Anne Smith and would terminate the adoption and implementation of Common Core Standards (or Alabama College and Career Ready Standards) and direct the State Board of Education to replace the course of study that were in place immediately prior to the adoption of the Common Core Standards.

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