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May 20, 2017



Lawmakers passed a contentious redistricting plan that supporter hope will stand up in federal court.

Both of the state’s funding budgets were approved and sent to Gov. Ivey.  The budgets are the legislature’s primary responsibility in any session.  The General Fund Budget if $1.8 billion and level funds most agencies.  The $6.4 billion Education Budget is………….

Autism coverage will be required for cover certain therapy for children with autism.  Governor Ivey signed the law that requires insurance plans at businesses with at least 51 employees to cover the treatment. 

Confederate Monuments will be protected under a bill that prohibits the removal alteration and relocation of any monument that has stood on public property for more than 40 years.

Certified midwives can now deliver babies without fear of prosecution after the passage of a bill that has been pushed for more than a decade.


A plan to build new prisons to address state’s old and over-crowded prison system failed.  The federal courts may rule soon on housing and mental health issues for inmates in Alabama’s penal system.  This has prompted Gov. Ivey to indicate that a special session may be required to address the problems.

The bill that would have allowed people to carry a handgun without getting a concealed carry permit died in the House after heavy opposition from law enforcement.
The online fantasy sports bill was approved in the House but did not get a vote in the Senate.

Tax breaks to entice more donations to a state program providing private school scholarships died in the House.

The requirement for all child care facilities receiving government money to be licensed and would have allowed DHR to inspect faith-based centers was not voted on by the Senate. 

A bill that would have allowed Briarwood Church outside Birmingham to establish its own police department passed the Senate but the House did not vote on the proposal.




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