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October 5, 2017

Additional Help For The Driver License Office

People needing services from the county’s driver license office for the past several years have most likely experienced long lines and frustrating delays.  But persistence on the part of local legislators has brought about some long sought improvements.  A new examiner has been hired effective October 1st giving the office two full-time staff now instead of only one.

“We’ve been working on this for several years and finally, with the help of Governor Ivey and ALEA Director Hal Taylor, the state has agreed to hire additional help,” said State Representative Kerry Rich, adding that he believes it will cut down on the wait time significantly.

Senator Clay Scofield said the delegation has met numerous times, both in Guntersville and Montgomery with driver license officials.  “It is not hard to justify our demands when our numbers greatly exceed that of other counties who are allotted more resources,” he said.  “We’ve had complaints from people who had to make two and three trips just trying to be seen.  The examiner did all that one person can, but the volume of business is just greater than what a single person can realistically do.” 

Scofield said he really appreciates Governor Kay Ivey and the recently appointed Director of ALEA, Hal Taylor, for recognizing the problem and helping address it by reallocating some staff.

Additional efforts are being made to help create better efficiency, as well.  Changes include allowing veterans to get the “Veteran” designation on their driver license in the probate office in the courthouse now instead of having to go to the Driver License Office.  The State is also working toward allowing the probate office to add the “Vessel” designation for people with a valid certificate.  The State will also begin training employees in the probate office to determine if a person has the required documentation to add the “Star” designation to their license.  “We appreciate our local officials working to take on these additional services at the renewal counter and hope that citizens will begin to see a faster and smoother process in the future,” Scofield said.


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