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January 15, 2018

Alabama Rural Broadband Act

Senator Scofield has filed legislation to encourage investment in rural broadband services.

Scofield says, “we’ve done a good job of making sure Alabama’s schools have high-speed internet, but we have to make sure people have access to adequate internet service outside of school, too.”

It would provide a 10 percent income tax credit to companies or cooperatives investing in broadband expansion and allow the exemption of new qualifying facilities from the state portion of property tax.  The tax credit will be capped at $20 million, but it would require a $200 million investment to reach that limit.

Scofield says his bill will help Alabama’s less populated areas reap the benefits of a growing economy.  “Rural Alabama is the backbone of our state, and citizens who live outside major metropolitan areas need the same access to jobs, opportunities and infrastructure as those in more populous regions.”

The bill has the support of the Republican Caucus, the Alabama Rural Caucus, and Governor Kay Ivey.  Broadband was also mentioned in President Donald Trump’s address to the American Farm Bureau convention recently. This will be the third time Scofield has brought legislation to try and spur broadband development.  He believes the time is right to get it passed this year.

Click on the PDF below to read the full text of SB149:

For More Information Visit This Website: Senator Scofield Broadband Bill_WAFF TV

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