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February 24, 2012

Session Updates

Session Summary, Week 3

(The following highlights some of the activity in the legislature this week.  It is not inclusive)

HB 144 which expands existing tax incentives to include coal mining industry companies, has gone to a Conference Committee

House Passed:

HB17 – provides penalties for crimes of falsely removing an instrument from recording and falsely filing instruments against public official.

HB46 - Gives property owners limited immunity from civil liability in defense from persons unlawfully on their property and engaging in criminal conduct.  The bill is pending in Senate Judiciary Committee

HB 54 -Underwater Cultural Resources Act. 

HB65 – Relating to Funeral Directors, denies a director’s license to any person who has not completed a course of instruction in funeral arts at an accredited mortuary or funeral service school or college

HB80 - Private Investigators Licensing and Regulatory Act

Also passed the bill that bans sending or reading text messages while driving.  Goes to Senate.

Senate Passed:

SB134 – establishes a Joint Legislative Oversight Committee regarding the Alabama Fire College

SB136 – Excludes certain prefabricated storm shelters excluded from current requirements and requires a surety bond by manufacturers of prefabricated storm shelters

SB143 - Supplemental appropriations from Education Trust Fund to Education Department for teachers certified by National Board of Professional Teaching Standards

SB150 – Establishes the Transportation Infrastructure Bank and provides procedures for the issuance of loans and financial assistance for qualified projects

SB161 – Relating to Human trafficking, penalties enhanced for subsequent convictions, sex offenders required to disclose Internet service providers, additional fines authorized for persons convicted of human trafficking

SB191 –- to require any person employed as a school bus driver to successfully complete a physical examination by a licensed physician.  Passed and pending in the House Education Policy Committee.

SB213 – stops convicted public officials and employees from receiving taxpayer-funded pensions.

SB35 – Scrap Metal Recyclers - requires all secondary metals recycler to maintain additional records relating to the purchase of ferrous and nonferrous metals and to provide for limits on purchases by secondary metals recyclers for certain metal,  Requires secondary metals recyclers to register with the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center.

Also approved a bill on a 14-13 vote to increase the size of containers that beer can be sold in at retail.

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