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April 6, 2012

Session Updates

A very busy week in the legislature…..


-The House of Representatives approved a constitutional amendment Thursday that would tie legislative compensation to median household income.  Goes to the Senate.

-Passed a bill to establish a statewide E-911 board. Goes to Senate.

-Gave final passage to legislation that allows prison inmates to work for private industries with part of salary going to pay in inmate’s fines and restitution. Awaits the Governor’s signature.

-Gave final passage to a bill that makes it a felony to file a false lien against a law enforcement officer or other public official. Goes to governor.

-Gave final passage to legislation that allows prison inmates to work for private industries with part of their salary going to pay an inmate’s fines and restitution. Awaits the Governor’s signature.

-Passed a bill to restore a settlement aimed at saving Alabama’s financially troubled prepaid college tuition plan. Goes to Senate.  Representatives voted 73-13 for the bill that strikes the language from a 2010 law that the Alabama Supreme Court used as a basis for tossing out the settlement last month.

-Gave final passage to a bill providing a tax break to aircraft maintenance companies. Goes to governor.

-House Ways and Means-General Fund Committee approved a $1.39 billion General Fund budget. Goes to the full House.

-The House Ways and Means Education Committee this morning voted 9-6, largely along party lines, to pass a bill that would allow charter schools in Alabama.  House Bill 541, dubbed the “Education Options Act,” passed with the support of every Republican on the committee except Rep. Jeremy Oden of Vinemont.

-House Ways and Means General Fund Committee approved a bill to allow excess money collected in class action lawsuits to go into a fund to help children who have been abused or neglected. Goes to House.

-House Education Policy Committee passed a bill that would change the mandatory attendance age for Alabama schools from seven to six. Goes to House.

-Introduced a proposed rewrite of the state’s controversial immigration law.  Republicans said the 83-page revision bill will strengthen Alabama’s current law by adding clarifications and definitions. 



-Passed legislation to provide tax breaks to data processing centers locating in Alabama. Goes to House.

-The Alabama Senate today gave final legislative approval to a proposed tax break, worth an estimated $2.4 million to $3.5 million a year, that would benefit companies that repair and renovate military aircraft and larger commercial aircraft.  The Senate voted 34-0 for a version of the tax plan, House Bill 39, that the House of Representatives passed earlier in the week.
-Approved a bill to designate Baldwin County as the site of a future military museum. Goes to Senate.

-Approved an appropriations bill that includes $45.3 million for prisons and nearly $119,000 for a wrongfully incarcerated woman. The Bill goes to the House.

-The state Senate today voted 26-9 for a bill that would save the state’s unemployment compensation trust fund $11.4 million a year in unemployment compensation payments to laid-off workers.  The plan now goes to the House of Representatives for review. Under current law, weekly jobless benefits paid to people are interrupted for one week after 13 weeks of payments, and then resume.  Under Senate Bill 300 by Sen. Trip Pittman, R-Montrose, the initial jobless benefit payment would be delayed a week, but the interruption after 13 weeks of payments would not happen.
-Senate Confirmations Committee approved James Pratt, Robert Dumas, Clark Sahlie, Ben Thomas Roberts and Elizabeth Huntley as trustees for Auburn University. Goes to Senate.

-Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill creating the Good Samaritan Law, that would give licensed social workers, counselors, psychologists civil immunity for rendering aid in an emergency.

-Senate Finance and Taxation-Education Committee approved a bill to authorize the Prepaid Affordable College Tuition (PACT) Program Board to revise the program to meet actuarial requirements.


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