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For Immediate Release: November 4, 2013

Rep. Wes Long Will Not Seek Re-election

Today I am announcing that I will not be seeking re-election for a second term as State Representative for House District 27. My wife Jordana and I have been praying about this decision for several months. After a lot of prayerful consideration that weighed what my priorities would be during a second term, versus the time I would spend away from our family, we have decided to step back from public service at this time to focus more on raising our two children and focusing on our family. Our daughter would be twelve years old and our son would be 10 by the time I finished the next four year commitment. Being an effective legislator requires a lot of sacrifice in terms of time away from family, missing ball games, recitals and other events that I want to be more a part of for my children. We decided the best decision for our family at this time was to not run again.

In 2010, I made promises to the people of District 27 to serve them and help bring conservative reform to Alabama.  I am proud that I kept those promises. In the last three years, we have accomplished the priorities I laid out during my campaign. We passed ethics reform that gave Alabama the strongest laws in the country, banned PAC to PAC transfers, reformed State budgets and cut $800 million in wasteful spending without raising taxes. We created flexibility in education for families, educators and administrators to transform our system academically, but also for work force development. We made Alabama a more business friendly State by passing the Tort reform laws. The creation of the Teachers in Need Fund allows classroom teachers to apply and access funds for much needed supplies. I’m also proud that earlier this year we enacted the Aquatic Plant Management Board Bill (HB-339) which established the first of our efforts to bring TVA back as an engaged partner in the preservation and maintenance of Lake Guntersville and to encourage the economic development of the area.
Throughout the remainder of my term, I will continue to focus on ways to improve our communities. From a legislative standpoint, I will fight further encroachment from the federal government and push back against ObamaCare. As always, I will look for ways to improve our economy and create business friendly policy for the private sector to create jobs. I will always stand behind the principles that make this Country great, God, Family and self – responsibility.

It has been an honor to represent the people of District 27. I have met more people and made more friendships that I could have ever expected. It has been a tremendous privilege, and I am very humbled for the trust voters placed in me to lead this District. I cannot begin to thank everyone who has helped me in representing the communities that make up District 27. There is no way I could have been an effective legislator without the strong support of my family and friends, especially my wife. 


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