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For Immediate Release: October 22, 2014

Local Businesswoman Named to New State Commission

A new commission has been set up by Governor Robert Bentley to assist small business development.  Senator Clay Scofield announces that Albertville businesswoman and former city council member Jeannie Courington has been appointed to the Alabama Small Business Commission.

“We are fortunate to have a member of our own community representing us on this important initiative. Jeannie Courington knows what it takes to grow a successful business and the challenges that businesses face.  I am delighted that Lt. Governor Kay Ivey has appointed her,” Scofield said, “and I look forward to working hand in glove to insure that the legislature implements the recommendations of this commission to help develop new business.”

Ivey voiced her confidence in the selection of Courington saying, “When I was asked to make this appointment I was looking for a business leader who truly gets it. Someone who understand the realities and challenges of owning a business and whose experiences could be shared and used to mold better strategies and policies for other business owners. That’s the whole point of the Small Business Commission. Jeannie Courington is a hard-worker and an astute businesswoman. She’s forged success in a number of industries, not the least of these, in restaurant ownership – a tough business where the highs and lows of the economy are immediately felt. I am pleased she accepted the appointment and look forward to her contributions to the Commission.”

Courington said she is honored to be asked to serve on the Commission. “It is exciting to think that I might be a small part of helping move new and established businesses forward.  Small business has such a huge impact on our communities both in providing employment and keeping small businesses strong in this “big box” world.”

The commission is slated for its first meeting in Montgomery this week and will recommend ways to help small businesses get started and expand.  It will be headed up by Rosemary Elebash, the Alabama Director of the National Federation of Independent Business.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, Alabama has about 400,000 small businesses.

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