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For Immediate Release: September 2, 2015



I will be sponsoring legislation in the upcoming second Special Session that will prioritize any new revenue going to the General Fund.

I have asked the Legislative Reference Service office to draft legislation called “Priority Budgeting” and I expect to have it ready to introduce on the first day of the next Special Session.

If new taxes, revenue transfers or even a lottery passes for the General Fund, I believe the people of Alabama deserve to know how it will be spent. The best way to do that is to spelled it out up front in the law so there are no questions about it.

I certainly don’t want new revenue going to Montgomery with a “Just Trust Us” policy.

Based on the people I have been hearing from in my district, the people of Alabama want any new revenue to be used as follows:

1.Funding for Children’s Hospitals of Alabama to match federal Medicaid dollars, so
  we can be assured if children are injured or ill, the best medical care is available for

2.Funding for rural hospitals to match federal Medicaid dollars, so that regardless of
  where you live in Alabama, basic health care will be available close by.

3.Funding to Medicaid for matching federal Medicaid dollars for nursing home
  patients and other long-term care at current levels so no one is in danger of being
  removed from a nursing home or denied other current long-term care options.

4.Implementation and maintenance of “Prison Reform” to prevent federal takeover of
  prisons and/or the release of dangerous prisoners.

5.Alabama Department of Public Health for restaurant/food inspections.

6.Veterans Affairs to assure the men and women who served our country the  
  door will be open when they need it at at a nearby Veterans Affairs office. 

7.Funding to match federal dollars to purchase meals for homebound senior citizens.

8.Dependable funding for Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences and courts to
  assure swift justice for those who harm innocent people, especially children and
  senior citizens of our society and to bring closure for families of victims.

9.Funding to assure Poultry Diagnostic Laboratories are fully operational to contain
  things like bird flu.

10.Legislative language to assure the public that Driver License offices throughout
    Alabama will be open without long lines and long waiting. 

11.Legislative language to assure state parks in Alabama can retain the revenue
    generated at state parks and sustainable funding will be available for state parks
    to remain open. Country club memberships aren’t affordable to everyone, state
    parks are we don’t need to be transferring money generated at state parks to
    other state agencies.

Solving the General Fund problem is a daunting task, but I believe if we set priorities in line with the thinking of the people of Alabama, we can solve the problem.

I am not a member of the General Fund Committee, but I am a member of the legislature and I have a responsibility to try to find solutions and that is what I am trying to do with this legislation.

If we don’t set priorities to fund these necessary services, if we just pump more money into the General Fund without setting priorities, I guarantee you in a year or two down the road we’ll have another crisis and the threat of cutting these essential services will be used again to raise taxes or borrow money, and we won’t know where the money was spent we raised this year.

If we put it in the law, people know where the money goes.


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    Randall Shedd
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