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For Immediate Release: October 10, 2016


Senator Clay Scofield has been named to the Tennessee Valley Authority Regional Resource Stewardship Council.  Governor Robert Bentley named him to the 20-member board on October 4th with his term to begin immediately.

The Council is comprised of members of regional government, customers and various advocacy groups.  Members are appointed by the governors of the seven states in the TVA power service area, the distributors of TVA power, directly served customers, and other stakeholders.  They help advise TVA in its efforts to manage the Tennessee River system against competing priorities while continuing to provide maximum recreational benefit for all the residents of the Tennessee Valley.

The Council was first formed in 2000.  Since its inception, it has provided recommendations and advice to TVA on the agency’s stewardship activities, including reservoir operations, public-land planning and management, water supply, recreation, infrastructure operation, maintenance and emergency preparedness.

Scofield says he looks forward to joining the council and to representing the many public and private stakeholders who benefit from TVA’s management of the river system and public lands.  “My district is heavily impacted by every decision associated with the Guntersville Reservoir and the Guntersville Dam.  Our local economy and our robust tourism industry depend heavily on TVA’s management and operation of its stewardship activities,” he said.


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