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For Immediate Release: February 20, 2018


Rep. Will Ainsworth (R), Guntersville,  joined with law enforcement officials, educators, parents and legislators to discuss a bill he plans to sponsor which will allow trained school personnel to carry firearms at school for added school security.

A news conference was held earlier today in the media center of Guntersville Elementary School, where all three of Ainsworth’s children go to school.

Flanked by area sheriffs, school administrators and others, Ainsworth said shortly after news of the tragic school shooting in Parkland, FL last week, teachers and others in his area asked him to introduce legislation that allows them to protect their students and themselves on school grounds.

Ainsworth wants to see a school resource officer in every school and a line item in the state’s education budget to make schools as safe as possible.  But he says still, it’s not enough if a gunman gets inside a school.  Response time, particularly in rural areas is critical.  “Teachers can run, they can hide, but they can’t defend themselves or their students,” Ainsworth said, “they are sitting ducks and there’s nothing they can do.”

Calling it a “common sense solution”, Ainsworth says his bill will not be mandatory and that training, vetting and mental health evaluations will be implemented.

For More Information Contact: Representative Will Ainsworth ph. 256-302-1724

For More Information Visit This Website: Watch video of the press conference here

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