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For Immediate Release: January 17, 2019

Marshall County Legislators tapped for leadership roles and strong committees during Alabama Legislative Organizational session.

The Organizational Session opened in Montgomery on Tuesday, January 8th with both legislative bodies electing their leadership and establishing operating rules.  All standing committees in the House and Senate were assigned and Marshall County legislators received an outstanding mix of committees which they will work on for the next four years.
Senator Clay Scofield will be the Chairman of the Senate Confirmations Committee as well as Vice Chairman of the powerful Senate Rules Committee, which selects which bills will be allowed on the calendar for a final vote.  He was appointed to four other committees including Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry; Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Development; Finance and Taxation Education; Banking and Insurance.  Senator Scofield commented, “I am so thankful to the Senate leadership for their faith in me.  Over the last two terms, I have worked hard on committees, so to be appointed to all that I requested is an honor.  These committees are important to me as they have the largest impact on my district.”
In the House, Representative Kerry Rich (Dist 26) will be Chairman of the Insurance Committee as well as a part of the Education Policy Committee which he has been on before. 
Representative Wes Kitchens (Dist 27) received appointments to the Transportation, Utilities, and Infrastructure Committee, the Commerce and Small Business Committee, and Committee on Education Policy. 
Representative David Standridge (Dist 34) was re-elected as Chairman of the Alabama Rural Caucus.  He was also elected as Vice Chairman of the Urban and Rural Development Committee.  In addition, he will serve on the Committee on Local Legislation, Committee on Rules, and Financial Services.  Standridge says the Rural Caucus pays particular attention to public policy on issues such as agriculture, economic development, education, infrastructure, energy and healthcare which affects rural communities
Representative Randall Shedd (Dist 11) will serve as Vice-Chairman of the House Children and Senior Advocacy Committee and as Chair of the House Committee on Urban and Rural Development.  He was also appointed to the Local Legislation Committee, the Transportation, and the Utilities and Infrastructure Committee.  Shedd has also been selected as an officer in the House Rural Caucus where he plans to work on finding solutions to issues for rural and small towns.
Representative Scott Stadhagen(Dist 9) will serve on the Local Legislation Committee, the Boards Agencies and Commissions Committee,  and the State Government Committee.
Senator Scofield also commented on the assignments of Representative Rich and Kitchens stating, “I am incredibly proud of their committee assignments and what they will mean to our area.  The committee assignments for the delegation are strong and we are ready to get to work!”
The Regular Session will begin on March 5th.

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