Welcome to the Marshall County Legislative Office

For more than twenty-five years this office has served as a liaison between the citizens, governmental agencies, public schools, service programs and the elected state legislators from Marshall County.

About Us

The office coordinates the schedules and other administrative functions of the Legislative Delegation, disseminates information to the public about proposed laws and existing statutes, and serves as a point of contact for citizen input on current issues. The purpose of the website is to give the constituents of Marshall County an easy, quick and efficient mode of obtaining information and a greater opportunity to be aware and to participate in the legislative process.

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Senator Scofield joined Alabama Real Estate Commission Executive Director Vaughn T. Poe at the Marshall County Board of Realtors meeting on June 10, 2021.

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Senator Scofield joined Alabama Real Estate Commission Executive Director Vaughn T. Poe at the Marshall County Board of Realtors meeting on June 10, 2021.

Our Legislators

Clay Scofield

District 9 (Blount, DeKalb, Madison & Marshall Counties)

Senator Scofield (R) was first elected to the Alabama Senate on November 2, 2010 and was re-elected in 2014 and 2018. He represents District 9 which includes all of Marshall County and portions of Blount, DeKalb and Madison counties.

Wes Kitchens

House District 27 - (Portions of Marshall County, Blount County, & DeKalb County)

Wes Kitchens was elected to the Alabama House of Representatives representing District 27 in 2018. District 27 covers a portion of Marshall, Blount and DeKalb counties.

Kerry Rich

House District 26 - (Portions of DeKalb & Marshall Counties)

Representative Kerry Rich (R) of Albertville represents House District 26 which includes portions of Marshall and DeKalb County. He is serving his fifth term in the Alabama House of Representatives.

David Standridge

House District 34 (Portions of Blount & Marshall Counties)

Representative David Standridge (R) represents House District 34 which includes portions of Blount and Marshall Counties.

Randall Shedd

House District 11 (Portions of Blount, Cullman, Marshall & Morgan Counties)

Representative Randall Shedd (R) represents House District 11 which includes portions of Cullman, Blount, Marshall and Morgan Counties.

Scott Stadthagan

House District 9 (Portions of Cullman, Marshall & Morgan Counties)

Representative Scott Stadthagen was elected to House District 9 on November 6, 2018.

News & Announcements

Legislators give to tourism

The legislative delegation gave $12,500 to Marshall County Tourism & Sports for 2 different purposes this spring. Pictured from left are Rep. Kerry Rich, Sen. Clay Scofield, Katy Norton, Rep. Wes Kitchens and Rep. David Standridge.

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Heroes of Kings Mountain Flag Collection Project

Dispose of worn, tattered, and faded American flags properly.

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Grant Police get radio money

The local legislative delegation recently gave the Grant Police Department $10,000 to purchase new radios. From left are Mayor Larry Walker, Police Chief Ted Thompson, Sen. Clay Scofield, Councilwoman Janice Jones-Bailey and Councilman Jimmy Keller.

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