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For Immediate Release: November 6, 2020


November 5th, 2020
Guntersville, Ala. – State Senator Clay Scofield (R),
State Representative Kerry Rich(R) and State Representative
Wes Kitchens (R), along with members of the Alabama
Mountains Rivers Valleys (AMRV) Resource Conservation &
Development (RC&D) Council recently announced several
completed projects at Guntersville State Park.
Three organizations receiving funds in 2020 include
Guntersville City Schools, Marshall County School System
and Marshall Co. Soil and Water.
The total amount funded by AMRV RC&D, in partnership
with the State of Alabama, to Marshall county area projects
is approximately 14,000. The State of Alabama has funded
RC&D for 20 years through state appropriations from the
education trust fund and general fund budgets. RC&D is
dedicated to protecting, enhancing, and developing the
state’s natural and human resources.
Sen. Clay Scofield stated the one thing that jumps out
to him is the partnerships that are in place in Marshall
county allows everyone to work together on all levels and
it pays off.
“The working relationships across local governments
and the private sector have established a family approach
that everybody works together in Marshall county and that’s
what makes all these projects happen and it pays off for
the citizens,” said Scofield, “It’s a blessing and I think
it helps us excel on grants like these.”
Rep. Kerry Rich thanked the Marshall county AMRV RC&D
board members and all of the organizations that applied for
funding this year and was excited to see these projects
complete during this difficult year.
Contact: Renona Seibert
Executive Director
Phone: 256-227-8649
“The entire board has been instrumental in helping to
find projects and put these organizations in position to
apply for these funds we appropriate to AMR RC&D,” said
Rich, ”I appreciate everyone her and what RC&D does for
Marshall county.”
Rep. Wes Kitchens stated how much he appreciated the
AMRV staff and the cooperation with all the various
entities involved. He further stated that the passion for
the various programs has generated a strong cooperative.
“What everyone here does matters to the community and
the reinvestment here matters because we realize that there
are still challenges, especially this year, and these
grants help enable our schools to provide a benefit to
students,” said Kitchens, “AMRV has made itself very
available to work with in our county and it’s been a
pleasure to serve.”
The RC&D program was established by the Agriculture
Act of 1962 to provide a program that empowers rural people
to help themselves. RC&D areas include adjacent counties
that have substantial natural resources to use for economic
improvement and community betterment.
There are nine RC&D councils throughout the state.
RC&D Councils in Alabama are non-profit, tax-exempt
organizations within the state that are designated 501(c)
(3) entities by the Internal Revenue Service. AMRV RC&D
serves Cullman, Morgan, Lawrence, Limestone, Madison,
Marshall, Dekalb, and Jackson counties.
RC&D Councils are made up of citizens in an RC&D area
who want a better life for themselves, their children, and
future generations. RC&D Council representatives and
alternates are volunteers who assist RC&D.
For more information about the AMRV RC&D program
please visit

For More Information Contact: Renona Seibert Executive Director Phone: 256-227-8649

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