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For Immediate Release: December 11, 2009

McDaniel Announces Retirement

After much prayer and with consideration for my family, I am announcing that I will not be a candidate for re-election to the Alabama House of Representatives.  I appreciate the support and encouragement from so many people, both Democrat and Republican. I am beginning my 20th year in the legislature and feel I need to be in position to spend more time with family and personal projects after completion of this term in November 2010.

It has been a distinct privilege to be elected to five terms and to have the opportunity to serve the people of District 26. I have made every effort to serve in a manner that benefits District 26, Marshall and DeKalb counties and the State of Alabama.  I want to thank the public for their vote and support through the years and I pledge to work just as hard this next year ending with the election in November 2010.

Our local legislative delegation has worked extremely well together and is looked upon very favorably in Montgomery because of the unity and experience in studying the issues. It is important to send someone to Montgomery that can work well with the delegation for the best benefit to the district.

I encourage everyone to look long and hard at those who offer to serve in the legislature and to support someone who will face the issues and represent all the people in the district, without just taking the view of a political party, and who will stand up for what is right. McDaniel Accomplishments: Representative McDaniel has taken a great interest in Alabama State Parks.  He passed legislation to establish the Joint House and Senate Parks Oversight Committee as well as the Constitutional Amendment to restore the facilities in the parks.  He has served as Chairman or Vice Chairman almost every year since 1991. He has been an advocate for highway projects for the region.  He currently serves as Chairman of the Joint Transportation Committee, and has served on that committee since 1994.  He has actively worked for expanding Hwy. 75 in both Marshall and DeKalb Counties, including the relocation of Hwy. 75 to allow expansion of the airport, and Hwy. 431 projects including the phase-one improvement which is currently underway. Representative McDaniel is co-founder of Marshall County Community Corrections which is considered to be a model for the state. He has worked for many years to make more technical education available to provide skills training and improve job opportunities for people who don’t go to college.  He has recognized the future that exists in the aviation field for North Alabama as a result of Army aviation coming to Huntsville and has taken the lead to create the Albertville Aviation Training Center as a branch of Enterprise Ozark Community College.  It is the only aviation training center north of Ozark. He has supported schools in his district with security equipment,  computers, and helped with special projects that benefit students.  He assisted with the creation of the Rainy Day Fund for education and authored the amendments which insured the repayment of any funds used. Representative McDaniel has been very active at the state and local area in economic development as well as community development.  He has promoted plans for relocating Highway 75 South to enable the expansion of the Albertville Regional Airport which will provide additional opportunities in connection with the aviation school and future industry. Several communities in the state have taken advantage of the legislation he passed dealing with closing illegal dumps and promoting re-cycling. The best example of this is the joint involvement of Albertville and Boaz in the re-cycle program. He has worked in the re-writing of Alabama Workers Compensation Law which has been beneficial to both employees and employers and was given credit for its passage.  He has worked with business interests and labor on unemployment issues. Representative McDaniel sponsored the law which set strict measures making it more difficult to obtain the chief ingredient used to manufacture methamphetamine - the biggest drug threat facing Alabama. Law enforcement officials acknowledge that the bill has drastically reduced the number of meth labs and gives them another tool to use in fighting the drug war. He has actively worked with police and local law enforcement on drug and immigration issues. He worked to reach a consensus and pass legislation which makes it a crime to knowingly murder an unborn child.  Inspired by the murder of a constituent who was murdered just weeks before she was due to deliver,  the “Brody Bill” recognizes the fetus as a separate victim. Prosecutors have successfully used the law in murder cases in Alabama. Other legislative work which Rep. McDaniel has been involved in:

Rep. McDaniel presently serves as Chair of the House Commerce Committee, serves on the County and Municipal Government Committee and the following joint House and Senate Committees:  Chair, Joint Transportation; Chair, Joint State Park Committee; Chair, Revolving Loan Fund for Regional Councils; Chair, Anti Litter Commission; Alabama Water Policy Committee, the Alabama Energy Committee,  the Alabama Green Fleet Review Committee, and the International Energy Council. He has chaired the Economic Development, Transportation and Cultural Affairs Committee in the Southern Legislative Conference in 2003-2004.

Representative McDaniel has been in a leadership position every term serving as chairman four terms and vice chairman of two committees one term.

This year Representative McDaniel has received awards and recognition from the following groups:  Marshall County Manufacturing Association,  The Alabama Association of Regional Councils 2009 Leadership Award,  the Legislative Conservation Award of the Year by Alabama Wildlife Federation, the Legislative Excellence Award, and a Legislative Resolution for work on Alabama State Parks.

Previous leadership and awards include being selected as Outstanding Legislator by the Alabama Realtors, the Alabama Rural Electric Association and four times by PALS.  He received the NFIB Guardian of Small Business Award in 1994 and 2003, and received awards from the Department of Conservation, the Department of Industrial Relations and the Volunteer Firemen’s Award.

Legislation he is working on this year will include additional control of cursors for crystal meth, the establishment of an electronic database to track ephedrine purchases, and a bill concerning child custody when a parent is deployed in the military.

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