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For Immediate Release: December 13, 2010

Campaign Finance Bill amended to recognize efforts of former Rep. Jeff McLaughlin

Guntersville – State Rep. Wes Long (R – Guntersville) became the first member of the 2010 freshman legislative class to leave an imprint on a bill when the House accepted his amendment to name a PAC-to-PAC transfer ban the “Congressman Mike Rogers/ Jeff McLaughlin Campaign Finance Transparency Act”.

The bill was named after Alabama Third District Congressman Mike Rogers, who championed the ban as a member of the Alabama House throughout much of the 1990s, and former State Rep. Jeff McLaughlin, who later picked up the cause before being defeated for re-election by Long in the November 2010 campaign cycle.

“During the campaign, banning transfers among PACs as a way to hide the original sources of contributions was one of the issues that Jeff and I always agreed upon,” Long said. “He worked on the issue for many years, and since he could not be in the Legislature to see the ban become a reality, I thought it would be proper to recognize his efforts.

“And though many people think Jeff was the first legislator to sponsor the ban, Congressman Mike Rogers actually proposed the first bill of this type and pushed it for several years, so it is important that we recognize him as a real trailblazer on the issue,” he said.

House Bill 9, sponsored by Rep. Mac McCutcheon (R – Monrovia), would prohibit the transfer of contributions between political action committees, often used as a shell game to hide the donors of campaign contributions.  Some contract lobbyists in Montgomery have dozens of PACs registered in their names and frequently circulate money among them before making contributions in order to camouflage their sources.

Long is participating in his first legislative session since being elected to the Alabama House by a wide margin in November. Gov. Bob Riley last week called lawmakers into a special session to address a package of seven ethics reform and campaign measures designed to bring transparency to the political process and help end a string of political corruption scandals that have stained the state’s reputation.

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