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For Immediate Release: April 6, 2011

Long Passes Bill to Foster New Agribusiness Industry

The first bill Representative Wes Long passed in the House of Representatives will help a Marshall County business open the door to new opportunities in the ethnic food industry and create new jobs as the business grows. Adding the two words “Yellow Perch” to the list of game fish raised in farm ponds which are exempt from the prohibition of sale in the state could have a far-reaching effect.

Piedmont Aquaculture, located on Highway 79, is being developed into a diversified aquaculture facility centered around commercially producing this species of fish, processing them locally and shipping the finished product to the Great Lakes region for distribution to established markets.

Long says shortly after taking office, he met with Builder and toured his facility. “I was impressed with his well thought-out business model and his plans. Here was a true entrepreneur at work and he only needed us to remove the barriers. I see the potential for this industry to expand across the state,” Long said.

HB52 passed the House last Thursday cleared the Senate this week. Long and Scofield have made economic development and job creation a central focus of their agenda and say this is a step in the direction of helping build an important agricultural enterprise.

Ken Builder, owner of Piedmont Aquaculture, said he appreciated the interest shown by Rep. Long and Senator Scofield. “I thank them for their efforts in passing legislation that will allow the species Yellow Perch to be raised and processed commercially as a viable alternate species in the state of Alabama.” According to Builder, “Yellow Perch is a highly valued species in demand in the regions surrounding the Great Lakes in United States and Canada. This legislation will allow Yellow Perch to be raised and processed in our state, help diversify the aquaculture industry, and complement catfish, the core aquaculture product in the state.”

Piedmont Aquaculture will take the lead in the promotion, production and distribution of Yellow Perch and invites inquiries from parties interested in the production of Yellow Perch. Piedmont can be contacted at 256 486-3563.

For More Information Contact: (256) 582-0619

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