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For Immediate Release: August 1, 2011

Scofield and Long Receive Advocate for Progress Award

Both Senator Clay Scofield and Rep. Wes Long received the Advocate for Progress Award given by the Business Council of Alabama at their annual Governmental Affairs Conference in Point Clear, AL held this past weekend.

According to BCA Chairman Will Brooke, lawmakers who received the award “pushed tirelessly” to see worthy bills become law and in the process became true Advocates for Progress.  Lawmakers receiving the award were sponsors of BCA’s legislative priorities and led the way for those bills, some of which had been on BCA’s Legislative Agenda for many years, he said.

Senator Scofield said he felt extremely honored to be recognized by the Business Council.  “BCA is a terrific organization, dedicated to advancing a pro-business agenda for the State of Alabama. I appreciate the award and their confidence in me as a pro-business Senator.  Scofield sponsored the Wrongful Death Act which was part of the tort reform package and has a consistent voting record on pro-business legislation.

Representative Long said “I campaigned on working to create a pro-business environment so that is a large part of what I have focused on.”  Long considers his bill on Product Liability Tort Reform to be one important law to protect existing companies and also a tool in recruiting businesses to Alabama.


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