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For Immediate Release: August 17, 2011

Alabama Legislators Weigh In On Federal Immigration Lawsuit

    A group of legislators from the Alabama House of Representatives, together with the Immigration Institute, working along with Long and Associates Law Firm as local counsel, represented by Stephen Williams, joined together and filed an amicus curiae brief this week in support of House Bill 56, The Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act. 

    Amicus curiae means “friend of the court.”  Such a brief does not represent a plaintiff’s or defendant’s interest in a case, but as in the matter of HB56, interjects a group of people or supporters’ ideas on why it is important to be upheld.

    Fourteen legislators signed on to the brief which was filed Monday with the U.S. Federal Court, Northern District in Birmingham:  Representative Micky Hammon, Rep. Richard Baughn, Rep. Mac Buttram, Rep. Randy Davis, Rep. Ed Henry, Rep. Mike Hubbard, Rep. Wes Long, Rep. John Merrill, Rep. Becky Nordgren, Rep. Kerry Rich, Rep. Kurt Wallace, Rep. April Weaver, Rep. Dan Williams, and Rep. Greg Wren

    Representative Wes Long, Guntersville said, “Although there are federal laws and guidelines in the United States that govern immigration, the present administration and the President have failed to carry out the necessary protocols to enforce them.  Alabama is not against immigration.  Alabama demands that illegal immigration should not be tolerated in our great state.  If laws currently on the books are not carried out by the federal government, then Alabama will act on its own behalf for its citizens to carry them out locally.”

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