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For Immediate Release: November 18, 2011

Majority Leader Micky Hammon on Impact Immigration Law is Having on Unemployment

Immigration Law Helping Alabamians Find Jobs

MONTGOMERY – The dramatic decline in Alabama’s unemployment rate shows that the
state’s strict immigration law is helping more Alabamians find jobs, House Majority Leader Rep.
Micky Hammon (R-Decatur) said today.

Gov. Robert Bentley announced Friday that Alabama’s unemployment rate for October was 9.3
percent, down from 9.8 percent in September. In Marshall County, a known hotbed for illegal
immigrant labor, unemployment was at 8.1 percent for October, down from 8.8 percent in
September and 10 percent in June, when Alabama’s crackdown on illegal immigration was
signed into law.

“We’ve heard anecdotal evidence from all corners of the state about how more Alabama citizens
are being hired in jobs formerly held by illegal immigrants, but the statewide and county-specific
data released today is probably the best statistical proof we’ve seen to indicate this is happening,”
Rep. Hammon said. “There are many factors that come into play for employment numbers.
However, take Marshall County, where the illegal immigrant problem has probably been more
pronounced than anywhere in the state. When Marshall County’s unemployment rate drops
almost a full two percent since the law was signed, it’s difficult to deny the law is having a
positive effect on employment.”

Other counties where illegal immigration has been a problem saw precipitous drops in
unemployment as well, including Morgan County, where the rate declined a full 1.1 percent from
September to October.

Though opponents of Alabama’s immigration law have done all they can to discredit its
economic benefits, the numbers tell a different story, Rep. Hammon said.

“Despite how desperately illegal immigrant sympathizers have tried to portray this law as
somehow harmful to our state’s economy, the truth is more Alabamians are working today thanks
in part to our decision to crackdown on illegal immigration,” he said. “The evidence is clear: this
law is helping put more Alabamians back to work, and that’s why such a strong majority of
Alabamians support it.”

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