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For Immediate Release: November 19, 2011

More Jobs Filled Locally Since Immigration Law Passed

The numbers are in and a significant drop in Alabama’s unemployment rate has lawmakers satisfied that the passage of what has been termed “the toughest immigration bill in the country” is having its intended effect.

Alabama’s unemployment rate dropped by half of a percentage point, to 9.3% for October.  This is the fourth consecutive month that the state’s unemployment rate has decreased.  In Marshall County, the rate is lower than the state average.

Rep. Kerry Rich, a co-sponsor of HB56 said, “I am very pleased to see that the unemployment rate in Marshall County dropped to 8.1 per cent in October.  That is down from 9.9 percent in June when our new immigration law passed the legislature.  There is no question the law is having a positive effect on the employment of citizens.  In spite of all that is being said by naysayers, this law is beginning to have some of the effects intended and one of those is to make jobs available to Alabama citizens and to deny employment to illegals.”

Every county in Alabama reported a decline in unemployment, a positive sign for economic recovery.

Representative Wes Long believes today’s report is only one indicator to the country that the new immigration law is working and giving the people of Alabama job opportunities.  “These numbers show proof that Alabamians are filling the jobs. It is one step in creating jobs for legal Alabama citizens and putting Alabama back to work. We must continue to take regulations off small businesses, give tax incentives for investment and expansion, and quit giving people a check to stay at home and not work. I expect to see many states following our lead this year with similar illegal immigration legislation,” Long said.

Immediately after the law went into effect, employers began hiring and holding job fairs, so I felt like this was definitely taking us in the right direction,” said Senator Clay Scofield of the self-deportation of many undocumented workers. “And we are noticing other positive indicators in our mission to put Alabamians back to work as well. The most recent drop in unemployment proves that we’re on the right track to boost private-sector economic growth, put Alabamians back to work and grow our way out of these tough economic times.” 

Rich says he believes as time goes on there will be more positive effects. “I am obviously pleased that two federal courts have upheld the major provisions of the law.  It is time to let the law work, let it be properly enforced, and over time this will be a very good thing for our state.”

For More Information Contact: Marshall County Legislative Office, ph. 256-582-0619

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