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For Immediate Release: March 2, 2012

Long Turns Down Pay Raise

Representative Long Turns Down Legislative Pay Increase

Guntersville - Representative Wes Long does not plan to accept the legislative pay increasee which automatically takes effect each year.  In 2006 when the state legislature passed the 62% pay increase, Long says that the Democratic controlled legislature at that time also included future automatic cost of living raises based on the Consumer Price Index.  The raise is scheduled to take effect in April.

“As long as I am State Representative for District 27, i will not be taking any cost of living raise until two thiings happen, Long says.  The first thing is for our unemployment rate in Marshall County to hit 6.5%.  The second is when teachers and state employees have also had a raise.”

Long says he feels strongly, “I cannot serve this area if I do not lead by example.”

Legislators are trying to address the pay issue and hope to have a constitutional amendment that will let the people decide from now on.

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