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For Immediate Release: May 3, 2012

Praise For School Calendar Proposal

A calendar proposed in response to a bill that would extend summer vacation in schools has received the praise of Representative Wes Long (R- Guntersville), who says that the proposal will preserve fall break while meeting hourly instructional requirements in classrooms. 

On April 12 the House of Representatives passed House Bill 360, changing the current requirement that schools complete a 180 school-day calendar, and replacing it with the requirement that schools fulfill no less than 1,080 instruction hours. 

“My district has overwhelmingly supported this bill,” said Rep. Long.  “We have a tourism jewel in Marshall County with Lake Guntersville, and the extended break will give our local families more time to enjoy it while attracting more tourism dollars to our area.”       

Under one proposed calendar, a school system can opt to add 15 minutes to the school day in order to fulfill instructional hours and be able to keep fall break.

“It’s a creative solution to allow our schools to keep fall break, extend summer vacation, and still maintain the necessary structure for a quality education,” said Rep. Long.  “It creates a win-win scenario for schools and parents in Marshall County.  By slightly extending the school day, our schools can fulfill instructional hours, keep the same off days they have under the current calendar system, and allow students to enjoy a longer summer vacation. Additionally, it saves money in the education budget without raising taxes or forcing the state to cut the payroll.”

Passed in the Senate on Tuesday, House Bill 360 is now on to the Governor’s desk for signature.


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