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For Immediate Release: October 15, 2012

Scofield Promotes Tourism Through Literature at Festival in Moundville

Moundville, AL – October 10, 2012 – “Imagine what the impact would be on Alabama if all our writers were focusing on real tourism attractions in their stories across the state. Here in the South we’ve always had the nation’s best storytellers, but in these difficult economic times, our storytellers might even help the state by attracting more tourists.” Sen. Scofield shared some thoughts on the benefits of tourism fiction before presenting the nation’s first tourism fiction award Wednesday at the Native American Festival in Moundville, Alabama.

Kathryn C. Lang’s story, “Digging Up Bones,” won the Inaugural SELTI Writing Contest, the first contest in the nation that challenged writers to use fiction as a vehicle for promoting a real tourism attraction. The entries were judged by a team of University of Alabama English and marketing professors.  Sen. Scofield visited Moundville for the first time and presented the award to Ms. Lang on the opening day of the four day festival.

Sen. Scofield serves as the Tourism and Marketing Chair for the State of Alabama.

“Ms. Lang’s short story captured everyone’s attention as soon as they read it. In fact, an important part of her story described the dance performance that we just witnessed on this stage.” Sen. Scofield told the crowd of families, performers and school groups visiting the park.

Sen. Scofield hopes that the SELTI award can help to encourage all writers to consider featuring Alabama tourism attractions as settings in their works of fiction. “Our state has so many wonderful attractions to inspire writers, from beautiful sunny beaches in the south to scenic mountain getaways in the north, from large cities with unique museums and theaters to small towns with personal history and charm. I hope all writers and publishers in this state will follow Kathryn’s example in helping to not only tell a great tale but to promote our great state at the same time by inviting their readers to come visit a real place in Alabama.”

“I am currently working with software specialists to create an edition of RUN (her debut novel) that would allow readers to see the sites that helped inspire the story.” Ms. Lang’s novel was released in May and is set in the fictional town of Big Springs, Alabama. “Guntersville and the other sites around Alabama are all great places to set stories. Tourism fiction provides the perfect blend of tourism promotion and literature.” Ms. Lang shared her thoughts about tourism fiction and how it has played a part in her own books.

Ms. Lang would appreciate the opportunity to talk to schools, organizations and other writers about how literature and tourism can work together to boost publicity and the economy in communities. You can invite her to speak at your event and share her secrets on how she built a successful career on her passion for words by visiting her website

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Kathryn Lang uses words to take you on a journey filled with suspense, excitement and a twist of humor to lighten the load before she leaves you to settle softly into the hope of what tomorrow will bring. She is working with government officials to develop more avenues for cross promotions with artists, writers, communities and businesses.

RUN – a mystery, suspense novel – show how Sara learns that running from her past hinders her future and that the only way to find peace is to turn around and face what is after her.




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