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For Immediate Release: April 30, 2013

Scofield's Bill Makes Murder With A Restraining Order A Capital Offense

The Alabama Senate has passed legislation that would make it a capital offense when a murder is commited in violation of a pre-existing restraining order.

Senate Bill 141, sponsored by Clay Scofield (R-Red Hill), is named Kelley’s Law after a Marshall County woman who was murdered by her estranged husband after she took out a protection order against him. The legislation adds “murder committed by the defendant when the victim had a protection order issued against the defendant” to the list of capital offenses under Alabama law.

Scofield said the legislation is largely focused on tackling domestic violence issues.

“If someone has a protection order taken out against someone, they clearly feel threatened,” Scofield said. “With this legislation we are sending a strong message that if you violate that court order and commit murder, you will spend the rest of your life in prison. There is nothing we can do to bring back a lost life, but we can ensure that justice is served. A victim’s family also deserves to have the peace of knowing these criminals will never again have the opportunity to inflict more harm.”


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